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There are two different types of spousal support or alimony that may be granted in Oklahoma to one spouse during and after the divorce process.  Temporary and long term alimony or “spousal support” are typically based on the “need” of one spouse and the “ability to pay” of the other spouse. The evidence of one’s “need” or the other’s “ability to pay” must be submitted to the court.

During the divorce process, an Oklahoma court may grant alimony or spousal support to one of the spouses if there is an agreement between the couple or if alimony is contested,the court must consider a variety of factors to determine whether to order alimony or spousal support and to determine the amount.

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Property Division During a Divorce in Oklahoma

Oklahoma divorce courts typically distribute or divide any assets or real property equally as long as the assets and real property were acquired during the marriage.  This is usually the case even if there is a difference in the amount of effort expended by one spouse to acquire the assets or real property. The laws in Oklahoma typically view the union of a couple in a marriage to create a legal joining similar to that of a corporation. Any assets or property purchased or acquired during the “union” is considered joint property.

However, the court does have the authority and discretion to award assets and/or real property unequally if there are any special circumstances where an unequal distribution of assets or property is warranted.

Any assets or real property held or owned by either spouse prior to the marriage generally is considered “separate property.”  Property or assets acquired by either spouse through inheritance or a gift also is not usually awarded to the opposite spouse. But if the “separate property” were to increase in value due to the opposite spousal’s effort, the opposite spouse may be awarded some financial compensation. This is also true if assets or income acquired during the marriage are used to pay for or increase the value of the asset acquired prior to marriage.

Protect Your Rights to Fair Financial Compensation During a Divorce

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