Civil Liability for Defending Your Self

Date posted: August 17, 2017

You can be sued in a court of law for civil liability related to defending yourself. The courts will sort out the grounds for the lawsuit after examining all of the evidence in a proceeding known as a trial on the merits. The great thing about having a seasoned and experienced trial lawyer defend you […]

Point Don’t Shoot To De-Fuse a Deadly Encounter

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Many folks wonder what the point is of having a conceal carry permit if you can’t use your gun to back down an aggressor. Well, the new law signed by Governor Fallin allows the use of deadly force, the pointing of a firearm to interrupt a robbery in progress or any other forcible felony without […]

Carrying a Firearm in the Bar Area of a Restaurant

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I would like to speak to you about carrying a firearm in the bar area of a restaurant. You should be cautious, because the bar area of a restaurant has no precise area bounded by required signs. Please see the video below for information.

You Don’t Have to Wait When Confronted by an Emergency

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When you are confronted by an emergency situation requiring the use of deadly force, you don’t have to wait. The standard for deploying deadly force is whether a reasonable person would have done the same thing. Therefore, do not overthink the situation. If you are about to be killed or grievously injured feel free to […]

Marijuana Crimes in Oklahoma

Date posted: August 15, 2017

Quite a few states have passed laws decriminalizing marijuana, and there are even some that now allow pot for recreational use. Though some bills have been presented in the Oklahoma legislature, none have been passed by lawmakers. Therefore, marijuana possession and sale are still illegal in the Sooner State and a conviction can result in […]

Types of Product Defects Under Oklahoma Personal Injury Laws

Date posted: August 5, 2017

Defective products cause thousands of injuries in the US every year, resulting in significant losses for the victims. Products liability law is a set of legal rules intended to help victims recover financially from the company that placed the defective product in the stream of commerce. A manufacturer or seller is responsible for delivering a […]

What To Do Before You Say “I Do” in Oklahoma

Date posted: July 25, 2017

If you’ve recently gotten engaged, you’ve probably already started the planning phases in preparation for the big day. From picking the date and booking a venue to creating the guest list, many couples are focused on making the wedding and reception unforgettable. The legal aspects of your nuptials are likely the furthest from your mind, […]

Types of Damages in an Oklahoma Personal Injury Case

Date posted: July 15, 2017

When you’re injured due to the negligence or carelessness of another person, Oklahoma law allows you to recover compensation through a personal injury claim. Whether your injuries are the result of a car accident, slip-and-fall, dog bite, or other circumstances, you would typically pursue the responsible party or an insurance company. However, while you may […]

How do Field Sobriety Tests Work in Oklahoma Drunk Driving Cases?

Date posted: July 5, 2017

If you’re pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving in Oklahoma, an officer may request you to perform certain tests to determine whether you’re impaired by the usage of alcohol. These “field sobriety tests” are typically conducted at the scene, after you’ve been pulled over but before you’re arrested for DUI. The National Highway Traffic […]

Choosing The Right Structure For Your Business

Date posted: June 29, 2017

If you have started a business as an independent consultant for other companies or if you offer products and services to the general public, choosing the right business structure should be a top priority. Depending on whether you are the sole owner or have a partner or company investors, the type of entity you select […]