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It is not unusual for a family to experience the threat of violence and/or harassing behavior from a spouse, ex-spouse, an ex-spouse’s partner, a relative, a former or current roommate, or the biological parent of your child. In Oklahoma City, protection orders are legal instruments used by the court to provide protection for you and your family from violent or harassing behavior from another party.

At the Law Office of Robert R. Robles, I have more than 30 years of experience in family law issues and have assisted clients in obtaining protective orders to protect themselves and/or their family members. I will discuss the facts of your situation, explain all of your options and provide you with expert legal advice in order for you to make an informed legal decision.

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The Three Types of Protection Orders in Oklahoma City You Need to Know About

Oklahoma courts provide for three different types of protection orders:

  1. an emergency temporary order
  2. an emergency ex parte protection order
  3. a final protection order.

Oklahoma emergency temporary protection orders are emergency protection orders that may be granted through an officer of the law in the event that the court is closed at the time of need. An emergency protection order may be filed without the knowledge or serving of papers to the abuser. This type of protective order is intended for short-term protection and this order only lasts until the following day when the courthouse is open.

If a protection order is needed beyond the temporary protection order, an emergency ex parte protection order as well as the final protection order must be obtained from the court. In Oklahoma, an emergency ex parte protection order grants an individual the same protection and autonomy that an emergency temporary protection order provides. However, you are required to file at the courthouse. The ex parte protection order will remain in effect until the final protection order hearing, which typically is scheduled in approximately twenty days.

The final protection order hearing allows both parties to explain their side of the story in a formal court hearing. If the judge grants a final protection order, the order will contain additional protections and can last up to three years.

Protect Your Family’s Legal Rights and Safety with a Victim Protective OrderLawyer

By contacting Attorney Robert R. Robles, I have more than 30 years to help you protect your family’s legal rights and safety in the event you and your family are faced with threats or acts of harassment and or violence.

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